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Tasty Tweets: 40 Things for Restaurants to Tweet About

Give me crepes to cook, steaks to sear and large parties to seat. But tweet? Tweet what?

Whether you are a Restaurateur, Chef, Pastry Chef, Sommelier or Front of the House Restaurant Manager, twitter presents a valuable opportunity to connect and engage with your fans and customers. And your restaurant and kitchen is choke full of tasty tweetable moments and content.

To get you started ~ Here are 40 Things for Restaurants to Tweet About:

  1. Menu item prep photos
  2. Photos of ingredients
  3. Cooking on the stove “action” photos
  4. Photos of plated salads, entrees and dishes
  5. Photos of family meals
  6. Photos of desserts being plated
  7. New menu items
  8. Seasonal specials
  9. Daily specials
  10. Weekend specials
  11. Lunch specials
  12. Dinner specials
  13. Hours of operation
  14. Links to your restaurant’s website
  15. Links to your restaurant’s blog
  16. Links to your restaurant’s other social media accounts
  17. Live music schedule
  18. Special event information
  19. Private party space information
  20. Restaurant week info
  21. Share news, festival, parade info from your town or city
  22. Share news and stories from other local businesses
  23. Dessert photos
  24. New craft beers on tap
  25. Beer specials
  26. Drink specials
  27. Links to breweries featured at your bar
  28. Wine list
  29. Wine list specials
  30. Wine pairing suggestions
  31. Links to wineries featured on your wine list
  32. Special wine event info
  33. Milestones
  34. Holiday observances
  35. Links to great reviews of your restaurant
  36. Links to ads or event flyers
  37. National food holidays
  38. Seasonal recipes
  39. Seasonal wine and beer pairings
  40. Shout-outs to customers and fans

Remember, treat a tweet from a customer just like you would treat a comment from a customer in person. Respond. Be human. Take care of complaints. And most importantly? Show your personality and have fun.

Happy tweeting!



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